The First Ika
Quid Ika is born
Quid Ika is a community-owned ultra-deflationary token on the ERC-20 blockchain made to reward its holders with a 2% redistribution. We are the first Ika in the ecosystem to make a splash into the crypto space and we are excited to be here!
Our goal is to deliver top-notch products that everyone can enjoy but most importantly, our Quid Ika community will be proud to be a part of.
Our token's inception was quite a complex one. Our founders were previous holders of another token that saw its future as dim due to internal issues. As a means to give back to the previous community, our founders decided to give life to a dying token. And that is how Quid Ika was born! Our project is dynamic and highly adaptable to the competitive market now.
Not only are we excited to share our story, expertise, and space with the crypto world, we are even more excited to share our utility. Quid Ika is not a meme token. It's a community token with utility and an ecosystem that will flourish whether or not we're in a bull or bear market.
Our app is called Quidity as in β€œliquidity”, the most important term in investing. The app allows its users to track their rewards for tokens that have reflections and track their investments in general i.e. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, etc. It also allows users to see accurate token information including but not limited to roadmap, liquidity, lifetime volume, and lifetime rewards. It also allows admins to feature their tokens on our ever-growing platform in order to attract new buyers. As a sort of a PR system, Quidity allows admins of tokens to post their news and events in the news section and gain exposure, a feature that is not offered ANYWHERE ELSE BUT QUIDITY.
We are also proud of our launchpad where we intend to launch ika tokens and market them through the ikasystem section of our app. Our utility continues to grow in both size and design-- our end goal is to be like our leader, the squid, and dominate the space.
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