Quidity Bot
Beep bop beep $0.0056634 beep..
Telegram is arguably the most important platform for crypto enthusiasts, especially new ERC20 investors. To create a solution for the people, we deployed our Telegram bot for all tokens listed on Quidity. Any token that's listed on will have access to our bot to use in their Telegram.
Token admins love keeping their investors in-house to avoid investors veering into different directions and potentially getting scammed and losing money.
Our Telegram bot allows people to check the price of their investment live on the Telegram group they are a part of (i.e. Shiba's Telegram will have SHIB market details if the bot is added to the Telegram).


The /price command instantly replies with all essential details; such as, "price", "volume", "liquidity", "market cap", "holders", "burned supply", "total supply", "decimals", "lifetime volume", and "lifetime rewards".
The lifetime volume and rewards is very special to reflection tokens. A newcomer can come into your Telegram and type "/price" and instantly be amazed at how much rewards your token has given out. Right away, you secured an investor.
/price command
The next pressing question that everyone who joins either asks or spends countless minutes looking for is "what is the contract". The bot solves that for you. Never lose an investor again due to the lack of pinned messages or the excess pins.
/contract command
Finally, the website command also avoids and confusion. It's for the user who doesn't want to know the price but forgot your website.
/website command
To get your token listed on the Quidity app and use the Telegram bot for free, fill out the form:
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