Marketing and growth
From the deep blue sea to outer space
Quid Ika takes pride in being your most legitimate investment. QUID is far from a meme token. Our mission is growth and sustainability longterm-- the only reason we chose to be meme-able is to create fun and excitement within the community ranks. Right from the get-go, Quid Ika's highest ranks took major steps forward that normally projects take months to do; such as, getting our contract audited by Certik on the second day of project launch.

Multi-Sig Wallet


Whenever you make a QUID trade on Uniswap, you pay a small fee that gets auto-deposited into the marketing wallet. Normally, marketing wallets are controlled by token leads or developers (usually only one singular individual) who, at any point can decide to use those funds for their own personal use. Since crypto is not regulated, there is nobody holding those leaders accountable-- resulting in many scams known as "rug pulls".


One way around this common discrepancy is to create a multi-signature wallet that is being controlled by more than one person. This means that more than one individual has to sign off on every dollar that leaves the wallet. That is exactly what Quid Ika did with the marketing wallet. Immediately on launch, we set up the marketing wallet in a multi-sig being controlled by all the members of the Colossals. As a community token, it's important to not give one person or entity too much power, and that's exactly what we've achieved.
Multi-Sig Address

Marketing and Technology

Marketing is an art. It requires strategy, it requires attention, and it requires patience. Projects can spend thousands of hours innovating and developing, but if marketing is not done properly, the project will fail. Quid Ika is set up in a way that it markets itself. All of our Quidverse ranks know that they are part of an ever-growing community project. Every single ika does their part in marketing Quid through organic social media engagement and by brainstorming in the Quidverse chats.
The funding intended for marketing will be used strictly for such and will be directed towards (legitimate) influencer onboarding, credible joint AMAs, Facebook and Google ads to acquire users for our app, partnerships, listings on exchanges, and other authentic avenues for attracting long term investors.
Every weekend, the Quid Ika community will hold an event called the Quid Games. Find out more on how to play and win by joining our Telegram. Moreover, our community has set up all possible social media accounts and delegated roles for social media managers in an effort to attract investors from all over the world. See our socials below.


Part of the marketing funds will also be directed towards technological advancements of Quid Ika's app, launch pad, and Telegram bot. As our main sources of revenue, we always update our app and Telegram bot. Our app is designed to be a one-stop-shop for crypto enthusiasts. The Uniswap market by itself is huge and will generate millions of dollars by itself for Quid Ika. Our Telegram bot is designed to be used hand-in-hand with our Quidity app. Holders of tokens listed on our app can benefit by having instantaneous access to their token's price info without having to leave Telegram.


What Quid Ika says, Quid Ika does. This is because we're controlled by the community. Everyone in the Quid Ika leadership had to invest their way into the higher ranks. You can't buy loyalty but you can show that you're loyal by buying 10 million QUID, HOLDING, and joining the colossals.

Quidity app

Our growth initiative is led by the Quidity App. The more tokens that list on our app, the more exposure we have to the cryptocurrency world. We estimate that at 100 Uniswap/ Pancakeswap token listings, we'll be at 10,000 users. At a rate of 33% user-holder conversion, that puts us at 3,000 holders and a $16 million market cap.
Our main focus is getting tokens listed on the Quidity App. Not only do they pay a fee, but they help grow QUID.


The Ikasystem will provide a backbone for the Quid Ika project. The more tokens that launch through our Ikasystem, the larger QUID will get. We estimate that at 15 ika tokens, Quid Ika will be generating $2.5M USD per quarter and will be trading at a $35 million market cap, not including the hype factor.

Telegram bot

Our Telegram bot will be utilized as intellectual property for Quid Ika. Only tokens that are listed on Quidity will be able to use this bot in their Telegram. The bot allows users to view the price of their investment (i.e. Quid Ika's Telegram shows $QUID prices) without having to leave the Telegram. The incentive for token admins is that their users will always stay in their chat. Normally, users have to go on websites with tons of other ads and distractions that can distract them away from their investment causing them to sell and reinvest elsewhere. QuidityBot solves this issue by keeping your investors in your Telegram.
We estimate that at 50 Telegrams with 500 users each, QUID will be trading at a $15 million market cap.

But wait there's more

Our innovation and technology don't just stop at app and bot-- Quid Ika plans to keep innovating and developing new solutions for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Anyone is welcome to join our community ranks and suggest or innovate. Quid Ika is a ship that you can help steer into the right path, which is what makes a community-owned token the perfect setup for success.