The Quidverse
Community-owned governance
Our home, the ocean, thrives because fish communities stick together. As part of the Quid Ika vision, we created a community that's stronger than any other. We give our ikas the opportunity to be a part of smaller communities within the Quidverse. The group an ika belongs to is based on nonother than the amount of $QUID they hold. Loyalty in cryptocurrency is best shown by holding through ups and downs. Ikas who keep holding through all ups and downs and keep buying more to support their community token will be the first ones to swim to the shore when Quid Ika gets worldwide recognition. As an ika keeps supporting their project, they'll move up the ranks and eventually be able to control the multi-sig wallet with the colossals.

Multi Signature Marketing Wallet

The multi-signature wallet is controlled by the colossal ranks. Normally in crypto, there is one person in control of project funds and all the money that comes into the project from revenue. That is also how projects "rug"-- when developers of the token decide that they're done with the project and sell their entire share and leave with the proceeds. We solved this issue by creating the multi-sig wallet. Anyone with 10 million $QUID or more for a certain period of time (holding) can be a signer on the multi-sig. Currently, there are three willing and able signers. As the ika population grows, there will be more colossals; thus, more signers.
The requirement for the rank Quiddy is set to change based on USD value. All others will never change.
Rank Name
Special Tasks
🐠 Quiddy
40,888 QUID
🐬 Bigfin
500,000 QUID
πŸ‹ Jumbo
2,000,000 QUID
πŸ™ Giant
5,000,000 QUID
πŸ¦‘ Colossal
10,000,000 QUID
Control Multi-Sig


Ideas that are proposed in one group get voted on and move up to the next group. After the idea reaches the colossal group, it automatically gets passed on as Quid Ink (law) and if it requires funds, the colossals approve the transaction.
An example of this system in action is when the colossals approved paying for Certik audit and Skynet on Quid Ika's first few days.