How to buy
Own the future.

Step #1:

Download MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet

Step #2 (safety note):

Create a MetaMask wallet and safely store your seed phrase in a secure location.
Important: Never, ever, ever give out your seed phrase to anyone. Never ever connect your wallet to an unverified dApp. No admin of any token in the crypto world will ever ask for your seed phrase. No admin will ever ask you to connect your wallet to a dApp integrator so you can "recover your funds" -- that would be an imposter and scammer.

Step #3:

Click on "browser" in MetaMask.
Go to:

Step #4:

If it doesn't give you the choice to import, then import it yourself by:
Searching for $QUID by address (copy address below). Click import then click import again.

Step #5:

  • Click on the gear on top right
  • Set slippage to at least 4.5% to 6%. No more, no less.
  • (NOTE): if it prompts you, click on use V2 protocol. This is if it's your first time using Uniswap.
  • Set ETH amount
  • Click swap
  • Confirm

Step #6: Join the Quidverse​

After you successfully set how much ETH you'd like to buy, make sure to join the Quidverse. The minimum rank requires 40,888 QUID. The highest rank requires 10,000,000 QUID. As a community owned token, decisions are controlled by the Quidverse system.