Quid Ika (QUID)
Hiya! Meet Quid Ika, the new token from the DEPTHS OF THE OCEAN.


Welcome aboard, shipmate! You are now an ika (Japanese for "squid"β€” $QUID holders are named ikas).
Quid Ika ($QUID) is not a meme token. IT'S AN IKASYSTEM. A new cryptocurrency token created by the top holders of EPRO, Quid Ika was inspired by the British slang way of saying "pound" (money), and the mighty squid. Built to reward our holders, Quid Ika is designed to ensure our community continues to grow and outswim every other token in the space.
Our project is community-driven as opposed to one developer or one team running the show. We, at Quid Ika, believe in the importance of differing opinions and diversity in creativity. Thus, Quidverse was bornβ€” our community government system where no 1 person is making the decisions. Quidverse is broken down into groups depending on the number of tokens held.
Beyond the importance of community, Quid Ika wouldn't be a thing without the EPRO community. As a rebirth, we have transformed our old dying reef into a flourishing Ikasystem and airdropped the EPRO community.
We don't just call ourselves the big fish in this space. We back our words with clear actions. Quid Ika is driven entirely by our utility projects founded by real-world developers, entrepreneurs, and engineers that have put everything into the success of this project. There is no other token with the amount of experience you will find in Quid Ika, with a cumulative experience of over 8 years each.
Our highly qualified team continues to build on the utility projects for Quid Ika. Currently, Quid Ika has a fully operating Quidity App where holders can track their rewards and have access to great tools that continue to be improved by our team.
Track your rewards on the app
As of now, we already have 50 tokens listed on our App. We are also proud of our Ikasystem launchpad which was developed with the intention to help other tokens have a space where they can organically grow and launch their own tokens. We are also taking advantage of the NFT craze and have our own art to share. All those three products generate revenue for QUID. That revenue helps the token grow. Unlike most crypto tokens, $QUID has its own revenue which is used for buyback and burns.
Finally, we take our security seriously. We can't be susceptible to any hacks or suspicious behavior as a community-led token.
$QUID on Certik in its first week. Onboarding
On just our second day after rebirth, the Quid Ika Colossals (highest rank in the community) secured listings on CoinMarketCap/ CoinGecko and paid for a Certik audit + Skynetβ€” all of which normally take new projects months to accomplish (if they survive that long). Skynet is a 24/7 contract security service offered by Certik. Trusted by all, Certik's Skynet is a mandatory prerequisite to get listed on major exchanges like Binance.
We're not only excited to share the rebranding of our token and app, but the launch of several other projects under QUID. We hope you are too!
Quid Token
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